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Go Long, Go Horus

Horus makes long-range shooting simple. Whether you choose a Horus reticle and scope, or add our targeting software and shooting accessories, you will see dramatic improvements over your current method of shooting.

The patented Horus reticle is an evolutionary step beyond the conventional mil-dot design. The groundbreaking targeting grid eliminates the need to adjust windage or elevation knobs. As a result you find your target faster and minimize frustrating mechanical factors.

Our targeting software combines atmospheric, ballistics, and target data with military-grade optics and combat-proven hardware to extend your effective range and increase your accuracy. With minimal training time, you'll see dramatic improvements in target elimination, distance, and speed.

All Horus scopes are made with superior optics and exceed military standards. The Horus line of rifle scopes includes a range of options for close-range to extreme-distance, with unique reticles for fast, instinctive shooting without stopping for calculations.

Our spotting scope improves long-range observation in extreme conditions so you can identify and gather more target data faster, enabling better communication between spotter and shooter.

The CATS calibration system trues the rifle and scope across the entire range, maximizing your accuracy under any conditions. The result: reliable, repeatable success in the field.

Horus Vision offers a precision solution no matter what the range, conditions, rifle, or ammunition, Horus has the tools for fast, accurate, repeatable shooting that will push any marksman to go farther with increased accuracy.

  • Faster target acquisition
  • Consistent target reliability
  • Expert precision at any range
  • Reduced training time
  • Repeatable success